ARTCHENY / Cursive Script Logo 6 Pannel Cap Ivory



Cursive Script Logo 6 Pannel Cap Ivory

Details : 吸水速乾性の機能性もあり、 紙独特のハリコシ感をダック生地のような和紙を使用した6パネルキャップ。刺繍で入る筆記体ロゴ。

These 6 Panel hat are made of fabric spun from Japanese paper yarn, which has been used in Japan since ancient times, and double layered. This original item has water-absorbing and quick-drying functionality, and the unique
firmness of the paper is used as a duck fabric.
Same fabric as #acnaw23021, #acnaw23030

Size : Adjustable

Color : Ivory

Material : Cotton 100%

日本製 Made In Japan