ARTCHENY / Yarn Dyed Buket Hat Olive



Yarn Dyed Buket Hat Olive

Details : 国産で120年以上続く2色以上の糸の組み合わせによって織られる先染め生地。その表現の自由さ(意匠性、デザイン性)に優れています。さらには、色落ちやくたびれにくく、撥水加工などの機能性な特徴を持っていることが大きな特徴。

Yarn-dyed fabrics are woven by combining yarns of two or more colors, which have been produced in Japan for more than 120 years.
It excels in its freedom of expression (design and designability). In addition, its major features are its resistance to color fading and tiring, and its functional characteristics such as water repellency. Logo embroidery.
・Same fabric as #acnaw23031 BIG POCKET PANT




Material:Cotton 100%

日本製 Made In Japan